ARCUS Co. has adopted a policy toward the development and implementation of a company-wide quality assurance system which guarantees Research & Development and production practices in full compliance with the requirements of the Bulgarian State Standards, the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000 ; ISO 14001:2004 ; OHSAS 18001:1999 ; AQAP 2110. The procedures and methods prescribed by these standardization systems foster the efforts invested by the company management and personnel in delivering to our customers a product up to the highest standards for quality, reliability, safety of function, ease of operation and customer satisfaction.

The management considers the quality assurance system implemented by the company as a process of its own, characterized by three major stages: input, processing and output:

1. The initial stage relates to the basic principles of the quality management system followed by ARCUS Co.:

- Focus on the client the initial seller-buyer relations with our clients gradually evolve into partnerships.

- Personal commitment the management of ARCUS Co. understand that commercial success may only be achieved and perpetuated through highly motivated and capable personnel.

- Long-standing partnerships with our suppliers our suppliers guarantee that the input materials used in production meet all requirements in terms of quality and consistency.

- Continuous improvement the highly qualified and experienced R&D team ensures the improvement of the existing products and is aimed at extending the line of products by engineering of new defence-related products to meet the contemporary requirements for improving the combat efficiency.

- Managerial decisions based on the system approach the focus in the decision-making process is increased efficiency on all levels.

- Centralized organizational structure the system of making and implementing decisions provides for effective control at each and every stage of production.

2. These principles are then processed in the second stage and implemented into the production activities of the company for the purposes of accomplishing the major objectives of the QA system employed by ARCUS Co.:

- Maximum satisfaction of the contracted and presumed requirements of our customers.

- Continuous improvement of the quality of the designed and produced items.

- Permitting no defects and claims as to the quality of our production.

- Effective approach toward the choice of suppliers.

- Preventive and corrective actions and their implementation through registering, processing and analyzing all inquiries, offers and claims.

- Creating and maintaining conditions that allow each staff member to contribute to achieving the goals of the Quality Management System.

3. The third stage relates to the output results of the quality assurance system: efficient production processes, high quality of the products offered and ultimately fully satisfied requirements of our customers.




The policy of ARCUS Co. is focused to the fast adaptation in high competitive environment through balanced solution of the social-economical demands with consideration of the responsibility to the society.
For the realization of the Policy, ARCUS management pursuits its continuous improvement implementing up-to-date management in criteria- quality, ecology and safety labor that include:

  1. Maintenance and improvement of the implemented, integrated system for the quality management, environmental, health and safety labor conditions in compliance with the applicable law requirements.
  2. Applying of methods for more effective human resources management, attracting the whole personnel of the company to active participation in the Quality management by proper training and motivation.
  3. Maintenance of open and constructive relations and balanced satisfaction of the business interests of all concerned parties.
  4. Customer satisfaction regarding their requirements by applying new advanced technologies that aim improvement of Quality and stable development in the dynamically changing market.
  5. Determination of care-providers of the personnel safety and health as major priority in their activities.
  6. Commitment to protection of safety and health of the workers and officers by avoiding labor accidents and occupational decease and others related undesired health consequences.
  7. Providing for systematical approach to identification and risk management to health and safety, removing the risk-generating sources and their mitigation.
  8. Support of each qualitative and attainable incentive or good practice aiming labor conditions improvement.
  9. Continuous improvement of the environment management system and expanding the ecological culture of the personnel.
  10. Observing any applicable law and other regulations connected to the significant aspects of the environment and health and safety labor conditions.
  11. Application of processes, technologies, materials, products, services and energy which reduce, control or avoid negative effect on environment. This Policy has been distributed to all the units and not-belonging to ARCUS organizations in the site of ARCUS Co. and it is publically accessible.
Banko Bankov, M.Sc.,Eng.